Fettuccine Lemon Alfredo with Prawns

I’ve grown up in a very Italian family; pasta has its own section of the food pyramid. I thought it was only right that I should make a pasta dish. I decided to try making an alfredo sauce with fettuccine. To up the ante, I also thought I should try out some prawns as well.

I started by cooking the fettuccine in salty water. Adding salt adds flavor to the pasta and the dish as a whole. Once it was al dente, or so the fettuccine is cooked but still has a bite, I drained it and added some butter so the pasta wouldn’t stick together.

Next, I started to make the base of the sauce, with cream, butter, and lemon juice. As that cooked on low, I heated up another pan for the prawns. The prawns I used were deveined but still had their tails on. You can make this recipe with or without tails but you always want them deveined before you start working with them. The prawns cooked about three minutes on a side, or until they were pink.

Once the prawns were cooked, I added them, along with the fettuccine, to the sauce. Once they were combined, I also added lemon zest, parmesan cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper. I let this cook on a low setting for a few minutes until the sauce had thickened and coated the pasta.

I served this dish to family who absolutely loved it. Specifically, the alfredo was tangy with the lemon and the prawns weren’t overcooked. This recipe even pleased my family members who do not like Alfredo, so it must be a keeper. Give it a try, if you have any comments on the recipe, leave them below. Bon Appetit! 

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